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RE: ext3 vs reiserfs 3.6

My biggest problem with reiser wasn't crashing, but data/disk corruption
with sleepcat databases.

But I agree, the memory testing is critical before putting a system into

Since moving to XFS, rock solid! Even during power outages.

Peter Yorke
Sr. Linux Server Engineer
Vulcan, Inc.

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Sent: Friday, July 28, 2006 4:32 AM
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Giacomo Mulas <gmulas@ca.astro.it> writes:

> On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, Francesco Pietra wrote:
>> Since I changed from reiserfs 3.6 to ext3 with debian etch amd64, the
>> no more suffered any crash, after days of running a very heavy
>> with mpqc 2.3.1 with thread command for two dual opterons and 8 GB
ram. The
>> computation has now ended to full convergence.  That was the most
>> action of memory I could conceive.
> Would you be able to put together and make available a simple script
> such a stress test for other people to try? Especially if you know
that it
> consistently crashes your previous setup. I, for one, am curious,
since I
> have 7 rock stable amd64 machines happily crunching numbers with
> quantum chemistry applications and using reiserfs. None of them is SMP
> though.
> Bye
> Giacomo

We (at my workplace) have lots of them, smp and not, with reiserfs and
they don't usualy crash. They do crash a lot when we get new ones
untill we weed out all the bad ram and such but after that the
majority runs stable. The rest we swap cpu or the mainboard till they

We still do have problems with reiserfs every now and then
though. Having power getting cut from nodes without proper shutdown
seems to be a problem for reiserfs. On reboot the syslogd hangs for
ages unless /var is reformated. Recently I convinced my boss to switch
to another filesystem but we still have to test crash (e.g. pull the
power every 5 minutes) the different FSes a lot to see which is most

Personaly I use ext3 and never had problems on amd64.


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