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Re: ext3 vs reiserfs 3.6

On Friday 28 July 2006 09:55, Giacomo Mulas wrote:
> On Fri, 28 Jul 2006, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> > Since I changed from reiserfs 3.6 to ext3 with debian etch amd64, the
> > system no more suffered any crash, after days of running a very heavy
> > computation with mpqc 2.3.1 with thread command for two dual opterons and
> > 8 GB ram. The computation has now ended to full convergence.  That was
> > the most stressing action of memory I could conceive.
> Would you be able to put together and make available a simple script with
> such a stress test for other people to try? 
After the change to ext3, I had memtest86+ running for one full day. Then I 
was said here (Goswin) that it may be an inconclusive test, if no errors are 
detected. Therefore, I went to the calculations of my interest. I do not 
believe it is a test. If not else because it takes so much time that one has 
to have specific interest in the result from the application.

Anyway, install mpqc 2.3.1 on a two dual opteron machine with 8GB ram. Have no 
gui, no applications other that for crushing numbers. Launch a geometry 
optimization for a conformationally mobile molecule complex enough that on 
threads n=4 command it takes a couple of hours for each iteration. Have about 
80 full iterations to get complete convergence. If the system does not crash, 
you are happy (and may probably conclude that ECC memories are not faulty). 
Observing (top) the dance on ram, I got the impression that ram was heavily 
stressed. That occurred to me with debian amd64 etch on ext3 filesystem. 
Same "test" with reiserfs 3.6 as filesystem led to repeated crashes.

I am not implying that reiserfs 3.6 is no good (I have it on my PC i386 Athlon 
with gui, openoffice, wine , etc) also because I am not entitled to conclude 
that. But I am happy that I can work smoothly on ext3.

I would like to be at the beach in Alghero, rather than here today. Have a 
good weekend, Giacomo.


> Especially if you know that it 
> consistently crashes your previous setup. I, for one, am curious, since I
> have 7 rock stable amd64 machines happily crunching numbers with (other)
> quantum chemistry applications and using reiserfs. None of them is SMP
> though.
> Bye
> Giacomo
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