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Re: debian amd64 and linux certifications

On Tue, Jul 25, 2006 at 03:14:26PM -0400, Robert Isaac wrote:
> The lpi certification covers both .deb and .rpm package managers in
> its 101 test.

When I did the first part of LPI 101 a couple of years ago, the debian
stuff was pretty new I think.  A lot of the general quesions were still
very redhat centric though, asking idiotic questions about sendmail, and
a few other programs that redhat uses by default, but debian certainly
does not (and in my opinion most sane admins do not use either because
they like to stay sane).  I wasn't particularly impressed by LPI's test.
Maybe it has gotten better since.

> Certifications are really just a way to get past HR and are generally
> meaningless beyond the resume.  Good luck, though!

Agree entirely.

Len Sorensen

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