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Re: installation amd64 failed

Francesco Pietra <frapietra@alice.it> writes:

> At boot after netinstall amd64 etch from Official Snapshot of yesterday (two 
> dual opterons, raid1) Mirror Sunsite, Germany:
> Booting 'Debian GNU/Linux, kernel 2.6.15-1-amd64-generic'
> root (hd 0,0)
> Filesystem type is ext2fs, partition type 0xfd
> kernel (that above) root=/dev/md5 ro
> Error 15: File not found
> Option c allows to get
> grub>  (grub0-install hd0, v 0.97)
> Option e presents alternatives but does not work.
> _______________________--
> I am pretty sure to have selected ext3. Is the error to have chosen md5 
> instead of md1 for root?

grub can not boot from raid5 as it neither can read from multiple
disks nor understands the striping or even the XOR algorithm.

For that reason your /boot must be a plain partition or raid1 and if
you have /boot on / then / must be plain or raid1.

> At any event I believe to have to re-do everything. From the older (3 June, 
> beta 2) installer?

Redo it with this installed. I recommend one of the following

part1   /    raid1     <500MB
part2  swap  raid1     1GB
part3  lvm   raid5     rest

/tmp as tmpfs
/usr, /var, /home on lvm

OR with e.g. 4 equal disks

sda1    /   raid1 1GB
sdb1    /   raid1 1GB
sdc1  swap  raid1 1GB
sdd1  swap  raid1 1GB
part2 lvm   raid5 rest

/tmp as tmpfs
/usr, /var, /home on lvm

If the disks are uneven put / and swap only on the bigger ones to even
them out. If you have multiple controlers put the parts of raid1 on
different controlers. If you have more than 4 disks you can do a 3
disk raid1 for / to get even more security too.

> Thanks for avdice
> francesco pietra


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