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Re: ROX-->Session-->Family!

Gnu-Raiz wrote:
Well Ubuntu finally pushed me over the edge due to all the problems I encountered. So I decided to install Debian etch amd64, everything went well. So I decided to try the latest ROX family of products, as I am an ardent fan of ROX in general. I installed Rox-filer with no problems, found a .deb for zero install, and some other stuff. I could not get Rox-session to load, or even work I installed all the dependency, and was able to get it downloaded with zeroinstall. But after a new session of fluxbox, or icewm I could not get it running at all. In other words rox-session would not work with amd64. The source files tells us that it should be platform independent. I mean I can get some of the little apps to work with zeroinstall, using 0launch like the wiki, and sourceforge project states, but not rox-session. This is with root permission in a file in my home directory.

So does anyone use ROX, on amd64, and Rox-session, or does it have to be in the 32 bit Change Root. I like Rox-session to control my icons, and I like wallpaper to change the desktop background.


I use rox-filer all the time, sid amd64, and it is part of the distribution. Rox-session is not. I choose to
use .xsession and that works fine for me.
For pinboard backgound I just right click on the pinboard and drag & drop the pic i want. for directories, from a filer window, I right click on dir, select `set icon` choose `for all files of type etc` and drag & drop the .png I want for directories.restart xserver & job done. Is rox-session really worth bothering about?.

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