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Re: New to 64 bit/Sorta new to Debian....

Rob Blomquist wrote:
I am currently running the unofficial sarge port to 64bits, and while I am now happy to have a computer back (building the new one took about 6 weeks, due to a crappy online seller), I am a little bummed to find myself seemingly out in the cold. I am a desktop user, running Linux for about 6-7 years, mostly on the RH side, having moved over to Debian about 3 months ago.

First question how stable is etch? Should I just move on over right now, or should I wait a little?

Not stable at all, as Debian defines stable - i.e. it's constantly changing.

For those running Sarge, how can one upload openoffice? It appears to be in a vicious circle, not wanting to upload due to no dependancies being selected, add them into the upload, and it still fails? Could I run the 32 bit version, or could I force the issue somehow?

Run the 32-bit version from a chroot, as explained in the AMD64 howto. AMD64-native openoffice is not ready for general use (well, if you plan on opening files made by 32-bit versions anyway)

How about Backports? Is there hope of getting something newer though them? What about Sarge source packages? Can I compile them on this machine and end up with 64 bit code?

Backports carry AMD64 packages, but be careful to check what apt wants to do before hitting Y. Backporting by hand is simple enough - get a source package, extract with "dpkg-source -x somefile.dsc", change to that folder, run "dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot". May require packages you don't have already.



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