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Re: building nvidia module on sarge

Dean Hamstead wrote:
i believe 'prepare' may help you


m-a prepare nvidia

could be wrong. debian people are lazy, so we spend ages writing
a tool like that does stuff for us ;)

not that i have contributed any code to debian - so 'we' is more
like 'they'.


Alan Ianson wrote:
On Fri July 14 2006 10:02 pm, Roberto C. Sanchez wrote:
Alan Ianson wrote:
I'd like to build the nvidia-kernel-source on sarge but "m-a auto-install nvidia" says I haven't got the right compiler to build the module, so how
can I do that?

If I add testing repositories and grab testings kernel and gcc and
friends will that work?

If anyone has done this and can give me some pointers it'd be
It's hard to tell why it says that.  What kernel are you running (the
output of `uname -a` will tell you) and what version of gcc is the
default (the output of `gcc --version` will tell you)?

The kernel is 2.6.8-12-amd64-k8, and gcc is 3.3.5. I suspect that that is a security fixed kernel since sarge's release and m-a wants gcc 3.4.

gcc-3.4 is available in Sarge, but not the default. The scripts that "m-a a-i nvidia" run include automatic detection of the appropriate compiler, using information in "/proc/version". You will need to install that compiler by hand if it's not a dependency of the "build-essential" package.

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