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Re: New to 64 bit/Sorta new to Debian....

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On Fri, Jul 14, 2006 at 10:12:55PM -0700 Rob Blomquist said:
> I am currently running the unofficial sarge port to 64bits, and while I am now 
> happy to have a computer back (building the new one took about 6 weeks, due 
> to a crappy online seller), I am a little bummed to find myself seemingly out 
> in the cold. I am a desktop user, running Linux for about 6-7 years, mostly 
> on the RH side, having moved over to Debian about 3 months ago.
> First question how stable is etch? Should I just move on over right now, or 
> should I wait a little?

I upgraded to etch a couple of weeks back and did not encounter any
problems apart from having to reconfigure my X to use the nv driver for
my video card.

> For those running Sarge, how can one upload openoffice? It appears to be in a 
> vicious circle, not wanting to upload due to no dependancies being selected, 
> add them into the upload, and it still fails? Could I run the 32 bit version, 
> or could I force the issue somehow?

Setting up a chroot is detailed here:


> How about Backports? Is there hope of getting something newer though them? 
> What about Sarge source packages? Can I compile them on this machine and end 
> up with 64 bit code?

This post provides a link to OO binaries:



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