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Pixelation in Totem and other Video problems


I use a Debian AMD64 Unstable/Sid machine as a home file / web server
and media center. I did an apt-get upgrade yesterday and right
afterwards noticed that a video I watched in Totem was pixelated. I
thought perhaps it was just that one file, but after some checking
today I have found that all videos I view through totem are pixelated.
I am not sure how to begin troubleshooting this issue. Do you think
this is a problem with a new version of Totem, or xorg or some other
system? or a problem with codecs? Video looked fine before the

While on the topic of video software.... I have had problems with
mplayer and vlc for ages now and just wondering if anyone else has
these kinds of problems. With mplayer - I right click on a video file,
chose "open with mplayer" and the program starts up with a smallish
window. I want to view it full screen; however if I make it full
screen it immediately crashes with error messages. For this reason i
have never been able to make use of mplayer. Anyone else seen this?

About vlc - I right click on a video file, chose to open with vlc ....
and sometimes the program DOES start up. Most of the time it does not.
Same story when chosing vlc from the application menu. When I try to
start from the command line as a normal user it tells me just that
there was a segmentation fault. When I start as root it fires up with
no problems.

Both VLC and mplayer are the vanilla apt-get versions. I hope I am not
the only one with these problems. Does everyone have to compile a
custom version for themselves?


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