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Re: New Video Card.

On Fri July 14 2006 10:54 am, you wrote:
> Ok, I now understand why "it's narrows it down"...
> Newegg doesn't ships to México. That's a problem...
> Do you know another site having delivers to México?

I built this amd64 box last year and I bought an nvidia FX 5700LE, IIRC. It's 
a cheapy but works well. I bought it at Anitec, you can try there if you 
like, I'm not sure if they ship to Mexico.


> In the other hand I want to buy a card probed on Debian better if it
> work too on amd64.
> At least with the most higly hopes to work namely asus/evga/etc...

I have problems whenever I get a new kernel or x, and need a new module.
"m-a auto-install nvidia" is the "debian way" to do it. If that doesn't work 
you can install the drivers from the nvidia website.

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