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Re: Copy/paste using third mouse button on some X apps

On Wed, 12 Jul 2006, Igor TAmara wrote:

Hi, I've noticed that when I select with the mouse some text on emacs
and xterm, I can not paste on gnome-terminal, if I use xchat or firefox,
I can copy paste to gnome-terminal.  Inside emacs I'm able to copy/paste
with the mouse, but not from emacs to other, emacs do receives pasting
when sourcing from other app.  xterm do not receive copy/paste from
inside nor from outside application.

Yeah, I've had this annoying copy/paste problem on amd64 since day one. I cannot copy from Eterm and paste it to 32bit Opera. But then again I can copy from Opera and paste it to Eterm. Go figure.

I've also noticed that I must first copy from Eterm, paste it to Gaim (or some other program, but Gaim is usually the one I have at hand), then copy it from Gaim and then paste it to Opera. Voilà, it works.

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