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Re: How to input Japanese?

2006/7/8, Craig Hagerman <craighagerman@gmail.com>:

Sorry if this is off topic - I have been searching for an answer
unsuccessfully for a couple days.

I have been trying to get my computer set up to use Japanese. I have
read through several web pages and installed a lot of suggested
software with apt-get. (Can't remember all of it anymore.) Now I can
view web pages in Japanese or documents containing Japanese in
Abiword, etc. Everything seems to be working OK.

My problem is that I can't figure out how I am supposed to write
Japanese. I was able to get up a Japanese keyboard and input 'kana,
but that is not what I want. With that kind of layout every key is a
different kana. (e.g. the "D" key is mapped to the kana 'KI") The way
I (and most people) write Japanese is to use an English layout. (e.g.
in order to enter the kana 'KI', you type 'K' + 'I'.) On my mac I can
switch between English and Japanese entry by hitting Command+Space. On
Windows I believe that  I can select with the mouse from a language
bar in the bottom panel. After a lot of searching on the net I can't
figure out how to do this in linux (gnome). All the relevant web pages
I find talk about installing Japanese versions of xterm or text
editors etc. I don't need that - all I want it to be able to enter
Japanese in a web browser or a .rtf document.

Any ideas on how to input Japanese?

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I do not know if this it is the problem. But today I have had
accentuated problems writing in Catalan under kde. Writing on console
they appear characters such as \363. On kword I have discovered that
the problem is simply of font used.

Pere Nubiola Radigales
Telf: +34 656316974
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