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Re: 6GB RAM on a Tyan S2875 Tiger K8W - 500 MB missing

Lennart Sorensen wrote:

Hi Len, * !

>>question is: where is my memory ?! it's too much to be a miscalculation
>>of some form (like the HDD manufacturers do it :) could anyone make
>>sense of my BIOS-provided physical RAM map if i posted it? what am i
> There is usually a memory hole for BIOS and PCI access, at 3.5 to 4GB.
> So unless your bios supports memory holes/memory remapping (most do with
> the right bios setting), then you loose that ram.  Check your bios for
> some settings related to memory holes or something similar.
> According to what I remember, a setting for 'memory hole' in the bios
> should be set to 'software' on tyan boards (assuming your bios is new
> enough to have the option).  Back when I saw this, they were talking
> about having to use beta bios releases to get the option, but that was a
> while ago (as in last fall).

ah, that sounds reasonable. i've seen this option but the short
description didnt make sense to me. perhaps my BIOS also isnt new enough.

i will check all this once i can reboot the machine again (which is,
when everyone else left the office and i'm still around).

thanks a bunch,

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