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Re: binNMU for sarge/amd64 (#374258 / speedy-cgi-perl)

Niko Tyni <ntyni@iki.fi> writes:

> Hi amd64 folks,
> the speedy-cgi-perl package in sarge/amd64 needs a recompile. As reported
> in #326201 and #374258, it was compiled against libperl 5.8.4-1, which
> had a DynaLoader compatibility problem (#247291) reverted in 5.8.4-2.
> As a result of this the sarge/amd64 package is unusable. Other archs are
> OK, as they weren't compiled with the problematic libperl version. So
> this does not affect the official stable release.
> Is this the right place to request a binNMU for amd64?
> Cheers,

Nope. :)

binNMUs should be requested on debian-release afaik. Asking vorlon on
irc.debian.org #debian-devel can also help.


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