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binNMU for sarge/amd64 (#374258 / speedy-cgi-perl)

Hi amd64 folks,

the speedy-cgi-perl package in sarge/amd64 needs a recompile. As reported
in #326201 and #374258, it was compiled against libperl 5.8.4-1, which
had a DynaLoader compatibility problem (#247291) reverted in 5.8.4-2.

As a result of this the sarge/amd64 package is unusable. Other archs are
OK, as they weren't compiled with the problematic libperl version. So
this does not affect the official stable release.

Is this the right place to request a binNMU for amd64?

Niko Tyni		ntyni@iki.fi

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