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Re: OpenGL

On Thu, Jul 06, 2006 at 04:42:14PM +0200, Francesco Pietra wrote:
> Thanks a lot for this general lesson. That it runs on RedHat was reported to 
> me from the author of the application. What I'll try is to recompile the 
> application at full 64bit as the companion one above (which was easier 
> because of no graphics) I have to ask for the latest source, which was 
> recently improved to deal with mpqc. 

Redhat is biarch.  It includes both 32 and 64bit packages and libraries.
Debian is pure 64bit.  It does not include any 32bit libraries unless
you install the i386 libs package, and even then you only have a few of
hte most common libraries.  To really have 32bit libraries to run a
32 bit program, the chroot method is currently the cleanest and simplest
method.  Redhat is a terrible place to build software if you want it to
be cross platform.  Software built on redhat is about the least likely
to run on other linux versions.

> As indicated in my previous mail (which did not reach you at the time you 
> wrote) is to clean from 32bit lib. Please have a look at that mail. You may 
> ask why to purge from all 32lib (except grub): I fear that on compiling 
> programs that I need for computation - and where the floating point is of 
> utmost importance - end not at the best. 
> At any event, I understand that there is a limit for programs not conceived 
> for parallel machines. The impressive boost I observed for mpqc from a simple 
> Athlon to the multicore amd64 was not observed for the above compilation, 
> albeit correct at 64bit. It runs faster on the multicore than on the Athlon 
> pc, but not so much.

Len Sorensen

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