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Re: xgl on sarge

2006/6/21, Jo Shields <Jo.Shields@comlab.ox.ac.uk>:
thomas parquier wrote:
> Hi
> I'm trying to build xgl&compiz on sarge with the tuto on
> freedesktop.org wiki. But during autogen.sh, aclocal asks for the
> AM_GCONF_SOURCE_2 macro. I suspect compiz to build only on a brand new
> gnome with the last gconf release.
> Do I have to dist-upgrade to be able to build xgl and the whole thing
> ? Or is it something else ?
> thanks
> tom

Is this a good plan? Replacing X (Sarge uses XFree 4.3.0, Xgl needs XOrg
7.0) and Gnome (Sarge uses 2.8.1, Xgl needs, well, newer) is a
CONSIDERABLE proportion of the system, and doing so without any package
management invited disaster

If you're wedded to the idea of Xgl, why not just upgrade to Etch (Xorg
7, Gnome 2.14) which is more likely to work, or even have precompiled
packages available?

You're right, Jo : it is considerable. That's why I am a prudent with
all this. I'd like to have some testimonies from sarge users who
managed to get Xgl running, and how they did it.
I've seen that packages are available on ubuntu repositories, but I'm
not very keen on installing packages from another distrib, and on the
other hand they depend on newer xserver and gnome.
So I guess you're right again, I should consider upgrading to etch...
but I don't feel like it is safe though i'm sure many users do such
dist-upgrade without any problem : there are so many packages engaged,
and I'm a bit frightened about my whole config which I fear to be
broken then.


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