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Sound uses almost 100 percent

Hello all, I have a slight problem, but cannot find out the bad package. It 
could be the kernel, too. 


I am running KDE and use XMMS to listen to a tune. 
At the same time, I am running kopete. Whenever there is an event,
kopete wants to do a sound, there is no sound, but the processing load for 
artsd is going up to 97 percent cpuload.

I cannot find out, what happens. My soundcard driver ac97 withe the kernel 
module (it's the "pci" one, not OSS) 

So, either the kernel driver lacks, or artsd or kopete or XMMS.

Did anybody got the same problem ?

(Hint: I changed the KDE-Sound-configuration from "automatic" to "Alsa", with 
no success)

Best regards


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