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Re: Software RAID5

"Jean-Luc Coulon (f5ibh)" <jean.luc.coulon@gmail.com> writes:

> Hi,
> I've a system with a software raid1 on 2 sata drive 80 GB
> I've all my system on LVM on this underlying raid.
> For performances reasons (video editing), I'm thinking if a RAID5.
> Is there somebody with some experience with raid5:
> - performances

Slower on write (takes cpu power). Better use a striped lvm on plain
disks for temp storage and raid only for the source and final product.

You also want PCIe or PCI-X for the disk controler. A simple PCI slot
is a serious bottleneck.

> - behaviour in case of a crash

It hangs for a while (up to minutes sometimes) before accepting the
disk as dead and then goes on. Or the hardware or disk driver crash
and take down the kernel depending on the hardware and luck.

> Is there an easy process to migrate from raid1 to raid5 without  
> reinstalling everything?

degrade the raid1, setup a degraded raid5, copy the FS, kill the
raid1, resync the raid5.


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