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Re: Lots of packets are missing in amd64/etch...

Alexander Vlasov <zulu@gala.net> writes:

> Hello.
> I've just received a new server on amd64 (em64t) platform and tried to
> install sarge. 
> Unfortunately, hardware is hardly supported by sarge, so I dist-upgraded
> to etch immediately after install.
> But now I faced the strange problem: a lot of packages aren't available
> in amd64 etch.
> And one of the nastiest things is unavailable gcc 8( So I can't install
> pbuilder and rebuild packages by myself.
> Can anyone explain me what's going on? Is official arch inclusion not
> over yet? Where can I find the progress reports?
> Thanks a lot in advance.
> PS. Please CC me, I'm not on the list

Debian sid amd64 is being autobuild. From there packages slowly
migrate to etch simultanious for every architecture with the usual
rules (minimum age, no new bugs, depends are there). For etch to have
all amd64 packages every package has to migrate to etch. That just
takes time.

Looking at gcc packages.qa.debian.org tells me the following:


    * 10 days old (needed 10 days)
    * gcj/m68k unsatisfiable Depends: gcj-4.1 (>= 4.1.0-2)
    * gij/m68k unsatisfiable Depends: gij-4.1 (>= 4.1.0-2)
    * gobjc++/m68k unsatisfiable Depends: gobjc++-4.1 (>= 4.1.0-2)
    * libgcj-dev/m68k unsatisfiable Depends: libgcj7-dev (>= 4.1.0-2)
    * cpp (i386, alpha, hppa, ia64, mips, mipsel, powerpc, amd64, arm, m68k, s390, sparc) is (less) buggy! (1 <= 1)
    * Valid candidate
    * Invalidated by dependency
    * Not considered
    * Depends: gcc-defaults gcj-4.1 (not considered)

An gcj-4.1 is blocked by freetype which in turn is only 5 out of 10
days old.


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