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Re: Dual booting 64-bit and 32-bit kernels

A J Stiles wrote:
> If I partition my drive appropriately, can I use LILO to dual-boot a 32-bit 
> kernel and a 64-bit kernel with  {at least}  a shared /home and swap space, 
> but separate / partitions?
> I think it should be possible, this way, to keep all the nasty binary-only 
> stuff tucked out of the way in a directory which won't even appear when the 
> system is booted in 64-bit mode.
> But I thought I'd ask first, incase someone knows of a good reason I have not 
> thought of why this won't work.


I do that with my machine (using grub rather than lilo, though) without
any major problems.  The only problem that I've run into has to do with
having both the 32-bit and 64-bit version of a program installed.
Sometimes the two versions have different ideas about configuration
files and data file formats that it stores in /home.  If the program has
a conversion process for converting data files from 32-bit to 64-bit,
then you will have problems if you try to run both versions on your machine.


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