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Re: VIA VT8251 low performance (was: ASUS A8V-MX)

On Fri, May 12, 2006 at 09:13:38AM +0200, Ziborski KEG wrote:
> Thank you for this information - where did you get it?
> ... I'd like to find out if there are faster drives
> available.

www.westerndigital.com.  Pick the drive model and click specifications.

If you want faster, you need higher density (more bits per square inch)
and/or more platters and/or faster rotation speed.  Anything that gets
more bits moving by the head in a given time makes the drive potentially
faster.  That is why there are 10k and 15k drives around.  They move
more bits by the head, and can get to anywhre on the disk faster (since
the average wait for a given part of the disk to get to the head is

I believe the WD 150GB raptor is the fastest SATA drive at this time.
Some of the 15k rpm SCSI/SAS/FC drives might be faster.  Any of the
300/500/750GB drives are probably also higher density than the 160GB
drive you have and would transfer a bit faster (I would expect 20 to 25%
faster or so).  The other option for faster is to stripe (raid0)
multiple drives so that you are reading from multiple at once.  This is
safest if combined with mirroring too to avoid total failure if one
drive fails.  Of course if you stripe two drives that can each do 60MB/s
you could theoretically reach 120MB/s transfer in best case, although if
the controller is plain PCI, the PCI bus limit of 132MB/s would be
slowing you down at that point.  You would need 66mhz and/or 64bit pci
or pci express to go faster than that.

Len Sorensen

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