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Re: nvidia-glx got removed- now no GUI

Craig Hagerman wrote:

On 5/2/06, Hans <hans.ullrich@pop-h.niedersachsen.de> wrote:

try to change the sources.list to the i386-path. Apt recognizes your

Really?? Are you sure about this? Wouldn't that mean I would be
pointing at 32-bit sources? I have never heard of this before. Are you
saying that xorg7.0 is not in the normal amd64 sources? or am I
mis-understanding this?


i386, m68k, sparc, alpha, powerpc, arm, mips, mipsel, hppa, s390 and ia64 packages all share the same mirror structure, the Debian structure, i.e.:

deb http://somemirror.com/debian unstable main

debian-amd64 is the name of an unofficial project, based on Debian, which used the unofficial structure:

deb http://somemirror.com/debian-amd64/debian unstable main

AMD64 is now a release architecture for Debian Etch, and is therefore part of the main Debian pool when using Etch or Sid. The unofficial debian-amd64 sources for Etch and Sid are now abandoned - if you expect working packages, switch to Debian.

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