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Re: where to find a linux-image-2.6* package?

> > * I can't install the 64-bit kernel, because it needs 64-bit tools to build
> > its initrd.
> >
> > * I can't run the 64-bit tools yet, because I'm not running a 64-bit kernel.
> What exactly is the error message? You are the first to report failure
> I've seen but certainly not the first to use that image. I believe it
> should work and used to work.

Sorry, my bad.  I didn't have initrd-tools installed, and assumed the 32-bit
version wouldn't work to install the 64-bit kernel; but it did work.

I completed the installation via deboostrap, at least as far as I could go
(--foreign) from a 32-bit kernel.

Thanks for your help.

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