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Re: AMD64 autobuilder(s), KDE 3.5

On Fri, Jan 13, 2006 at 10:50:18AM +0100, Jérôme Marant wrote:
> (Please CC me)
> Hi,
> I'd like to know if the amd64 autobuilder periodically attempts
> to build packages that used to fail to build. It seems to me
> that it is waiting for new uploads only.

No it doesn't.  If it failed it failed, and gets into failed
state, after there is a bug in the BTS about it.  If it's not in
failed state it probably means that I know there is a problem
with it and that I'm ussually waiting on something.

Also note that a if something failed to build, it's a "maybe
failed", not a failed.

> Currently, it seems that KDE 3.5 is still not completely built
> on amd64 and I bet that kdemultimedia which used to fail on
> January 10th, can now be built since xine-lib has been fixed.

It was waiting on xine-lib, which only was build on Jan 13 at
04:12 UTC+1, and was only in the archive at 9:17 UTC+0, like 30
minutes before you've send this mail.  kdemultimedia build then
started at 14:20 UTC+1, and was in the archive at 14:17 UTC+0.  

Then kdeaddons started building at 16:24 UTC+1, and
kdeaccessibility at 16:34.  They were both waiting on
kdemultimedia.  They were also both in the archive at 16:32

> BTW, is anyone following following the progress of KDE on amd64?

No, I follow everything that gets build.  I perfectly knew that
it failed to build and that it was waiting on a new xine-lib, and
that it had an NMU.  It also needed 2 NMU's because the first one
didn't change the xlibs-dev dependency.

PS: And everything happend without ever reading this email, I
just saw someone reply to it.


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