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Re: apps fonts configuration

Famelis George ha scritto:

These all mean that the xfs is not listening to tcp i.e. the config file
/usr/X11R6/lib/X11/fs/config  has these 2 lines

# turn off TCP port listening (Unix domain connections are still permitted)
  no-listen = tcp

and as it says it accepts Unix domain connections i.e. you have to run
  fslsfonts -server unix/:7100

in order to see the fonts

Right, xfs works

root@darkstar:~# fslsfonts -server unix/:7100 |wc -l

Those "garbage" are normal non Ascii characters such as UTF-8 (or extended Ascii )


Ok thank you George.
Does anybody has idea about how to fix menu fonts in xmms and others gtk apps?


	Franco Martelli.

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