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Re: AMD64 port on a Shuttle ST20G5

Robert Cates wrote:
> Hi,
> I was wondering if anybody else has a Shuttle ST20G5 with an AMD 64
> Athlon and has successfully installed the AMD64 port on it.?  I have
> tried various Linux (x86_64) distros, like Debian 3.1r0, Fedora Core 4,
> Ubuntu 5.10, Kubuntu 5.10 and Gentoo 2005.1 with mostly a 'kernel panic'
> at bootup.  In fact, the Debian installer gets to a point and then has a
> problem accessing the CD drive.  The FC4 installer starts up but when I
> press enter for the default install, it gives:
> <ffffffff8010fc2b> {child_rip+0}
> Badness in panic at kernel/panic.c:119 (Not tainted)
> Ubuntu/Kubuntu 5.10 for the AMD64 gives:
> [30.965542] <0>Kernel panic-not syncing: Aiee, killing interrupt handler!
> At first I thought this might have something to do with the built-in ATI
> X200 Radion IGP, so I bought an Nvidia PCI-e card, but no change. 

I've got the same card (ATI X200 Radeon) on my Compaq Presario v2310us
and that works just fine.

> I've
> upgraded the BIOS on the Shuttle to the newest available - ft20s018, and
> I've made various changes to the BIOS, all with no change.  I've tried
> with APCI disabled, assigning an IRQ to the video and USB enabled and
> disabled, and other options enabled and disabled, but nothing helps.
> If anybody has a solution I'd greatly appreciate it.  I really thought
> this was good hardware when I bought it (specifically for the AMD64
> port), so I'd hate to think I've waisted my money.
> Thanks much, in advance!
> Robert

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