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Re: Openoffice 2.0.1

sigi wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 10, 2006 at 06:08:46PM +0100, Mickael Marchand wrote:
>>wow, what a surprise !
>>I've built the packages using your patch, and openoffice compile and
>>_works_ just fine
>>(I initially just wanted to see what was broken ;)
> Here on my computer OOo2 has a lot of problems opening and saving 
> file-formats. 
> First problem I saw: OOo2 can't open *.sxw files from formerly 
> installations. 
> I tried to write a new document, saved it as sxw - it couldn't be opened 
> either. After that I saved something as a *.odt file... but the same: 
> OOo2 can't open this.

indeed, I can't reopen a saved file :o)	

I also found that the mozilla-plugin does not work
we can start flooding openoffice QA's team with bug reports :)


> not very practical for the daily use ;)
> sigi.

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