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Re: AMD64 port on a Shuttle ST20G5

On 1/10/06, Robert Cates <robert@kormar.de> wrote:

I was wondering if anybody else has a Shuttle ST20G5 with an AMD 64
Athlon and has successfully installed the AMD64 port on it.?  I have
tried various Linux (x86_64) distros, like Debian 3.1r0, Fedora Core 4,
Ubuntu 5.10, Kubuntu 5.10 and Gentoo 2005.1 with mostly a 'kernel panic'
at bootup.  In fact, the Debian installer gets to a point and then has a
problem accessing the CD drive.  The FC4 installer starts up but when I
press enter for the default install, it gives:

Have you tried amd64? http://amd64.debian.net

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