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Strange network probes on UDP port: 161

Ever since I have brought my new system on line I have been getting the following reports from other server:

Jan 4 20:47:49 maps portsentry[1117]: attackalert: Connect from host: to UDP port: 161 Jan 4 20:47:49 maps portsentry[1117]: attackalert: Host: is already blocked. Ignoring

Since all these systems are behind a firewall device and my local network is all configured on the 10.1.1.x network this is a little strange. I'm pretty sure it is coming from the new hardware, but I'm not sure how to confirm it other than to turn off the new server and see if the messages stop.

I do have an IPMI card in the new server that I have not figured out how to setup and configure because I have been focused on other issues first.

port 161 is an snmp port but I can find no reference to anything like that in the motherboard user's guide for the SuperMicro X6DHT-G motherboard.

Any thoughts on this?


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