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How to correctly pass filename to dchroot


I recently installed Debian on a new 64 bit laptop. As I also like to
run OpenOffice, I installed a 32 bit chroot. With a simple 'dchroot -d
oowriter', I can now start Writer.

I'd like to be able to simply click a file on my Gnome desktop. It's
easy to tell Gnome to run 'dchroot -d oowriter', but I cannot tell it
how to pass the filename. The problem is that, if I have a file with
name 'test test.doc', I can open it by running 'dchroot -d oowriter
"test\ test.doc'. The following methods don't work:
dchroot -d oowriter test test.doc
dchroot -d oowriter test\ test.doc
dchroot -d oowriter "test test.doc"

I expect that I'm not the only one with this problem, so how did others
solve it? Or should I be asking aroung on a Gnome list?

Thanks for any help!


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