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Re: Install problem on Supermicro X6DHT-G system

On Mon, Jan 02, 2006 at 05:58:43PM -0500, Stephen Woodbridge wrote:
> Argh! I thought SuperMicro would be smarter than that!
> I guess it might be worthwhile trying to reverse the drives so the CDROM 
> is on channel 0
> The other think I might be able to try is to move the SATA boot disk to 
> the Marvel onboard raid controller just as a single disk.
> I also have 3ware 9550 controller that I think I have to build a kernel 
> driver to get it working.
> Do you have any thoughts on working around this problem?

Check the bios for any sata controller settings.  Most decent boards
have such options.  Often they are set to combined (which does what you
are seeing of combining pata and sata onto the ide ports), while
enhanced or native makes the sata ports be plain sata ports and leaves
the ide ports to do their normal work.

The problem is that the drivers in linux so far will grab the sata
controller and then take over running it, which seems to then disable
the bios's ide emulation, but leaves the ide controller in a non
standard mode making it not detected, while if you load ide-generic
first (before sata) then it will see the ide drives, and loading the
sata driver afterwards usually works, although sometimes this leaves the
sata controller too messed up to work.  Maybe when the kernel finally
gets sata atapi support this will start to work fully, or maybe some
other support will be added for handling combined mode intel

All this crap just so people can install Windowx without a floppy
driver to load the sata driver.  Well or run DOS on sata I suppose.

Len Sorensen

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