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Re: such a good news about flash...!!!

* Rafael Rodríguez <rafael.rodriguez.tf@gmail.com> [2005-12-29 11:12]:
> flash 8.5 for linux (with 64 bit support) really soon!
> http://www.kaourantin.net/2005/12/flash-player-8-for-linux-update.html

Yes, but I expect the EULA will still have that clause about
Macromedia auditing your premises.  I don't mind installing a
little non-Free software if absolutely essential, but that EULA
is f'ing insane.  Until there's a Free equivalent, the Flashblock
Firefox extension is a great replacement. ;)

Maybe by then someone will have thought of a use for Flash that
isn't an advert or a crappy online game?  Kartoo search[1] is
about the best use of Flash I've ever seen, and that's only good
for using once to go "cool" at -- then never again.

Andrew Preater

[1] http://www.kartoo.com

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