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Re: Problems installing on AMD Athlon 64 system

On 12/21/05, Goswin von Brederlow <brederlo@informatik.uni-tuebingen.de> wrote:
Aaron Stromas <passogiau@gmail.com> writes:

>> So that's okay...  Have you checked the motherboard documentation -
>> there are a few m-board BIOS controlled things that when enabled
>> prevent writing to the boot sector of the hard drive (a virus
>> protection thing).
> no, i didn't do that.
>> Also, check your CD/DVD drive, since the I/O Error message could be
>> indicating that your CD/DVD drive isn't working.  I know I have a lot
>> of old drives that don't work.  Frys Electronics was having major
>> problems with drives made by "Emperex."  It really very well could be
>> a problem with your hardware, though during the install process it is
>> *very* difficult to diagnose whether it's software or hardware
>> difficulties, since both are very often at fault.
> well, it's a brand new box with RH x86_64 Fedora 3 on it...

Can you mount the Debian CD under RH? That would show the drive can
RH is history :). You're right, though, when I mounted the CD I saw the .iso image file. I did have bad (unbootable) CDs but I'm past that at this point. I'm getting close, I think. Will also try the new etch image later today. Thanks,

read the media.


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