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Re: Open office

Charles de Miramon <cmiramon@kde-france.org> writes:

> Hamish Moffatt wrote:
>> You can use Goswin's unofficial amd64-archive package to get this working.
>> It builds amd64 debs of enough library and binary packages to get it
>> running, though it's running 32-bit behind the scenes. Very nice.
> Does the Debian Amd64 developpers consider pushing this package in the
> official repository (and similar ones for important 32bit applications
> [Wine, Acrobat Reader])?  Considering the number of times, the OpenOffice
> problem has been raised on this mailing list, it would certainly be useful
> for your users and nice to have it for etch.
> Cheers,
> Charles

Yes, as soon as I get it finished.


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