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Re: Open office

On Thu, 2005-11-24 at 15:39 +0000, studio-64 wrote:
> Hi
> Although I run my 64Studio for music I really miss Open office.
> We often get asked to produce CD covers and such for our master CD's.
> I can us OO for this but not on 64.
> Its a shame as most of my Windoze people are really impressed with Linux 
> on seeing this setup.
> We can only wait as I have no understanding of a '32bit cherroot(?)'
> Just my 2 p's worth
> Cheers
> Bob
Setting up a 32-bit chroot is VERY well described. Open up a terminal
and you can copy paste 90% of the commands you need to run.
I run OO that way and am very pleased.

Good Luck

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