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Re: Nice server board for AMD64/EM64T?

On Wednesday 23 November 2005 15:35, Soenke von Stamm wrote:
> Tyan Thunder K8SR S2881. I have one of them running under Linux in a high
> load mail server for months now without any problems. Using Opteron 248s
> (bought it when those were the 2nd fastest Optis). Chipset is also AMD,
> long in production, very reliable. NICs: two Broadcom BCM5704C, GBit.
> Plus we have close to 20 of them running under W* with two Opteron 265s.
> Stable as can be. They eat every Intel offering in every respect - power
> draw, performance, price.
> The board starts at €404, this ones is for 1U with only two slots. There
> are almost identical boards with more slots like Thunder K8SD Pro S2882. I
> found this one for only €370, -D version is recommended as it supports
> DualCore (I think the non-D have disappered from the market).
> For SATA RAID, I use LSI MegaRAID SATA 300-8X, becuase 3ware 95xx doesn't
> fit into the Tyan 1U chassis (too long with SATA cables connected). The LSI
> so far runs perfectly (kernel > 2.6.11 needed) so far, but only for some
> weeks by now.
> Sönke
How did you get this installed.  We have one of these with SCSI RAID using
the DPT RAID card, and none of the Debian installers seem to have the right
driver in the initrd.  I am thinking of putting an old IDE drive in just to
bootstrap myself.

Also which driver do you use for he BCM5704C?  The tg3 module does not seem
to work and the bcm5700 driver is not build into the kernel so you have a 
chicken and egg problem to get it installed (I do not have a spare 3V PCI 
ethernet card I can put in to get me started, and USB ethernet adapters are
not supported by the installer kernel).


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