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Re: Fwd: RAID

I'm about as absent minded as you can get.  I really wish that they'd
add a reply-to part to this list, b/c I almost never remember to send
to the list, and not to the sender...  I know it's supposed to cause
major lag on the mail servers, but in my little case it'll probably
far outweigh the lag created by my lack of presence of mind...

'reply to all' :P

Thanks for any info you can give me!
Use software raid in linux.  The installer can allow yo to set it up.

I don't know... I think that the nVidia nForce 3's RAID is on the
contoller level, so I think it should work, but I'm not sure.

i have nf4, and its just soft-raid. if i set it up in the bios,
in linux it just sees two drives. with all other (scsi) raid
ive used that is hardware - and ive used a lot - it will just
show up as one rather large or rather fast drive.

you can install, and then grub will just hang as it gets all

just turn off bios raid stuff all together and let linux
do it.

im running 2x36gb wd raptors (sata, 10k) and its as fast as
ive seen short of 64bit scsi raid with uw320 15k discs.

Now why would you buy 40G drives when they cost (at least around here)
the same as 80G drives.  2 x 40G would cost twice the price of a single
80G.  Buying a pair of 160 or 200G drives would make much more sense.
Also larger drives are denser and hence faster than smaller drives, so
you may actually get less performance striping two smaller drives, and
the reliability goes way down since you have two points of failure
instead of one.  Insane setup really.

likely a 40 gig at the same price as an 80 is faster, likely has
1024kb per meg and has more cache on it. that or youre being ripped.

Yeah, that hit me rather suddenly in the car on the way home...
However, I don't have the raw cash to buy anything over about 120Gb.


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