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Re: [pgadmin-support] PgAdmin 1.4.0 Debian SArge AMD64 debs available

Dave Page wrote:
>>-----Original Message-----
>>From: pgadmin-support-owner@postgresql.org 
>>[mailto:pgadmin-support-owner@postgresql.org] On Behalf Of 
>>Joost Kraaijeveld
>>Sent: 07 November 2005 11:56
>>To: Debian-Amd64; PgAdmin-support
>>Subject: [pgadmin-support] PgAdmin 1.4.0 Debian SArge AMD64 
>>debs available
>>I compiled PgAdmin 1.4.0 *OOTB* and packaged them into Debian
>>installable .deb files. 
> OOTB? With no changes to keywords.c?
>>These files are *not* made by an official Debian Maintainer. I just
>>created them so I could easily install PgAdmin on several Debian Sarge
>>AMD64 boxes.
>>They are available at http://petitbonum.askesis.nl/pgadmin/.  
>>They will
>>be available until an official Debian repository contains the 
>>Or untill I go bankrupt, whatever comes first ;-)

Hi Joost,

thanks for your work, however I have some doubt concerning installation
of your packages on a pure Sarge system.
Your debs depend on libpq4 and libwxgtk2.6-0. Neither the former nor the
latter are included with Sarge. Did you use backport of them or simply
backported these two packages too? Maybe you used a mixed
Sarge+testing/unstable environment to build the packages?
Another thing, the version you used for the packages clashes with my
versionning scheme and it does not include a debian revision which
should definitely be added in the case of pgadmin3 package.

I'm about to upload unofficial packages to pgadmin.org and will ask my
sponsor for an upload of official packages to debian.org until the end
of the week.
If you agree, I'll ask you for a build of my unofficial packages on
amd64 for sarge after these uploads so that our users can benefit from
your build.

IMHO we should leave debian-amd64@lists.d.o as all of this is really
pgadmin3 related.


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