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RE: [pgadmin-support] PgAdmin 1.4.0 Debian SArge AMD64 debs available


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> From: pgadmin-support-owner@postgresql.org 
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> Joost Kraaijeveld
> Sent: 07 November 2005 11:56
> To: Debian-Amd64; PgAdmin-support
> Subject: [pgadmin-support] PgAdmin 1.4.0 Debian SArge AMD64 
> debs available
> Hi,
> I compiled PgAdmin 1.4.0 *OOTB* and packaged them into Debian
> installable .deb files. 

OOTB? With no changes to keywords.c?

> These files are *not* made by an official Debian Maintainer. I just
> created them so I could easily install PgAdmin on several Debian Sarge
> AMD64 boxes.
> They are available at http://petitbonum.askesis.nl/pgadmin/.  
> They will
> be available until an official Debian repository contains the 
> packages.
> Or untill I go bankrupt, whatever comes first ;-)

Great, thanks. I'd normally offer to host them for you, but I know that Raph does some magic with the apt stuff for Debian in our ftp area. I'll leave it to him to speak to you about what he might want to do with your builds :-)

Regards, Dave.

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