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Install on Sager np4750, Problems with Realtek r8169 ethernet driver

Hi everybody,
   I have a new Sager np4750 laptop that has a Realtek gigabit ethernet
card that uses the r8169 driver in the kernel.  On doing the amd64
install, Debian identified the card without problem.  I can load the
module and bring up the eth0 network interface.  However, I can't pass
any traffic, either by DNS or by IP address (I can't even ping my
gateway).  I get an error message "Netdev Watchdog: eth0: transmit
timed out".  I have tried building a new stock kernel (2.6.14) but the
result wasn't any different.
   I then tried building the driver as downloaded from Realtek's website,
but it failed to build.  I don't know if that problem pertains to the
driver's code, or simply with trying to build it for amd64 (sorry, this
is my first amd64 CPU -- so I'm new to 64 bit computing).
   Has anybody else had a similar problem with the r8169?  Should I first
try to install the 32 bit version of Debian to verify that it will work
in that version?  I guess I just don't know if this is just an r8169
driver problem, or a problem with it in the Debian amd64 port, or
something else.
   I have found some other linux users (Mandrake and Gentoo users) on the
web using this driver in the 64bit versions of their distro, without

Can anybody help?
Bryan Walton

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