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Re: Mirror list

On 10/31/05, mike <mike503@gmail.com> wrote:
> I agree with Mattias - it sounds like your experience with ISPs and
> such is limited.

Most likely is.  Let's just revise my ignorance to a speciality in
low-cost residential internet, okay?  'Cause I do know quite a bit
about that (despite the fact that there's not that much to know)

> If you'd like I can walk you through some of HE's history, off the
> list.  They are a colo company on steroids, for all intents and
> purposes (look at their "About Us" page even) - the reason I know
> this? My friend and I ran a server out of HE back when you were still
> in middle or elementary school :)

so about 1995-1998 -ish?

Nice.  I still wish I had that kind of money....  as it is: I don't.

> If I didn't know any better, I'd say you're trying to refer them
> business; nobody here is looking to be sold and you're trying to sell

First of all, I'm a hard-core tightwad, and the cheapest guy gets the
contract.  If no one is cheap enough, no one gets the contract.  HE
impressed me with prices that were low, but still just above my price
range. <sigh...>  Plus, they're the only company I know of that is
almost entirely dedicated to enterprise-class connections.  They don't
offer any residential connections anymore (when I last contacte them,
that is)

> - hardcore. There must be some sort of motivation for this kind of
> plugging.

Their sales rep spoke English.  You have any idea how rare it is to
get someone who speaks English?  With all the outsourcing going on,
it's amazing they still sell things in the US!

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