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Re: Best approach for a system that needs desktop apps and 64bit address space

pmarc wrote:

Hi all,

we are making some tests with Linux operating systems for an
environment where we need desktop apps (openoffice, mozilla w/ flash)
and large memory (my machine has 8gigs)

Also, we need openGL accelleration, nVidia driver.

what would be the best approach?
Install an ia32 system with 64SMP kernel
or the whole 64 system with ia32 chroot?

FYI, I am not an admin here, but the only guy with debian background.
I am doing this tests without proper knowledge of the boss, under a
sudo chroot set up by one of the admins here.
Paulo Marcondes

nVidia and IPTables don't work properly with the "Install an ia32 system with 64SMP kernel" option.

What exactly do you plan on doing with all that memory? 32-bit apps can't (well, not really, earlier arguments on the mailing list withstanding) use all the memory, so the apps planning on using all that RAM would need to be 64bit

--Jo Shields

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