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problems with installation

I've just bought a new PC with amd64bit architecture.
and wanted to install a debian linux.
First I tried "sarge" for i386. I had installed it,
but the installer couldn't find my network card. So
with no possibility to get to the web,
I tried an unstable for amd64. but on way of the
installation of the base system, the installer
threw an error (something like "cannot chroot, no such mount point")
even when I let automatically build the partitions.
So my questions are:
Is there a way, to run network and sound under sarge?
Or can I do anything to install the base-system of the amd64 port?
(I would prefer the second way)

my system:
proc: amd sempron64 3000+
mainboard: gigabyte k8NS nForce3 250 Chipset, Lan, Sound onboard
graphic: ati radeon 9550
hd: samsung, spinpoint 160Gb SATA

thanks for your help

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