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Re: Eclipse

Marcin Dębicki wrote:
> Maybe not. Original (downloaded) Eclipse version works with both gcj/gij and
> Sun JDK. And I think that with Sable and kaffe it could also work wothout
> patching as far as I know.

Thank you for your interest in improving the Eclipse packages.

One of the major reasons for focusing on gcj is that it allows both
native and bytecode builds of eclipse, is used for the same purpose by
other distributions (fedora core, ubuntu), and should work on more
platforms in Debian than Sun's proprietary implementation.

Beside testing the Eclipse packages with other free runtimes, reporting
the bugs you find, and sending in patches, a great contribution would be
to make sure that free runtimes do at least as well as the proprietary
ones on Eclipse's regression tests, and become a better choice for that
task than the respective proprietary replacement.

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