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Re: Eclipse

Ed Tomlinson wrote:

> This does _not_ make a lot of sense.  It would make much more sense to suggest gcj/gij 
> and depend on java-virtual-machine.  This leaves it up the the user to decide if he can
> use a non-free jvm. 

There is nothing in the current setup that prevent the users from using
a proprietary VM with Eclipse packages, afaik.

Eclipse itself supports several simple mechanisms to select which vm it
should run under, and which it should use to development against.
Additionally, Debian also provides a way to select a default system vm.

> I my case many of the apps I use (non-debian) fail with the free
> jvms.  

Please help improve Debian by packaging those apps with free runtimes,
and please consider helping improve the free runtimes by reporting the
bugs you find, and submitting your patches to GNU Classpath, or writing
regression tests for the free test suite Mauve.

Both the debian-java packagers and the various free vms would welcome
having more helping hands.

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