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Re: installing Oracle on Debian AMD64

Lennart Sorensen wrote:>
Other than live replication and failover and such, I can't think of
anything that I know oracle can do that postgresql can't.  Of course I
haven't really used oracle so I imagine there is something (besides cost
you a lot of cash).
It has a whole ton of OLAP and other analysis features PGSQL doesn't have any real analogues for.

Real Full-Text Indexing support. I know there are contrib projects, but like Pgsql replication and clustering, it's still somewhat immature.

Any sort of data-warehousing. Only recently did Pgsql get support for tablespaces.

Scalability. I haven't seen (doesn't mean it hasn't been done) any work to make Pgsql scalable and fast at 128-CPUs, with globs of memory and the like.

This includes both just multi-tasking concerns (e.g., proper locking) and I/O concerns.


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