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Re: Installing Debian over another distribution

GH wrote:
Jean-Jacques de Jong schrieb:

I noticed that you can install Debian over another distribution when
using existing partitions. Apparently the home directories are then
moved into / while all other directories are erased. However, does the
installer do this also with /usr/local? On the machine I tested, I had
no data in /usr/local, so I didn't notice.
The home directories are not moved. 
Yes they are, I experienced it (at least with 32 bit Sarge). It happens when you choose to install over your old / partition without reformatting - the installer then lets you choose an option keeping the data. In effect, the directories under /home are moved to /, and all other directories are apparently erased. The question is whether the installer is intelligent enough to also keep your old /usr/local.




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