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Re: Kernel Headers for 2.6.11

On Wed, Sep 21, 2005 at 08:41:44AM -0400, Zaq Rizer wrote:
> Wow ... I don't understand why that worked, but it worked.  I'll look
> into the how and why later.  Thanks so much, Len!
> Should I follow a similar method to update my nvidia-glx package in my
> 32bit chroot or can I just install the experimental i386 debs for this?

install the matching nvidia-glx in the chroot.  I don't know if the
chroot will have issues with not seeing the kernel modules package
inside the chroot, even though it doesn't actually need it.  I suppose
you could just install it in the chroot to, or use a meta package (I
forget what tool can make those) to pretend to have what it wants
installed inside the chroot.

Len Sorensen

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