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Re: ksynaptics?

Charles de Miramon wrote:
> antongiulio05 wrote:
>>is there a gui for touchpad configuration? KSynaptics and QSynaptics are
>>not installable (for unstable-debian).
> Ksynaptics has been integrated in KDE and is a module in Kcontrol. To make
> it work, you will have to enable an option in the touchpad section of your
> xorg configuration file and restart it. I don't have my notebook here and I
> don't remember the name of that option but Google should help you. 

You still need to install the ksynaptics package to get access to this
control panel. It's peripherals -> touchpad.

Since the problem is merely htat ksynaptics and qsynaptics haven't been
transitioned for g++4.0, you can just recompile the packages and it
should work. (I haven't tested this)

--Ken Bloom

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